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Do not hesitate to get in touch with us and let us know how we can be of assistance and support. We are here to help and we will find a way
14 Tijgerhof Road / Milnerton, WC 7441 / SOUTH AFRICA +27(0)71-589-8260

Impacted Schools

The needs in several schools, ranging from books to bread and everything in between, enable us to make a difference where it counts.
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Re-utilized Magazines

Newspapers, magazines, pallets, wood and metals are the kind of 'stuff' needed for our creative craft workshops to bring true capacity and usefulness to others.
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Distributed Resources

Our vast network enable us to source and distribute clothes, food, various additional basics and even a place to stay for those who need it most.
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Preserved Wisdom

Caring for the enormous needs of our elderly and frail is also a way to spend time with them, listening and learning attentively from their wisdom and insight.
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Let us help you make a real difference for those who need it most. We are conduits for giving and are honoured to do so. There are so many opportunities we've had over the years to help others, give them capacity to help themselves and others and provide immediate relief when the odds are stacked ominously against them. Partner with us.
  • Food Parcels
  • School Uniforms
  • Disaster Relief
  • Women and Children Support
  • Food Distribution
  • Communications Services
  • Magazines Initiative
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Elderly and Frail Care
  • Soup Kitchen

You can Trust Us. See What We Have Done

48,079 Cooked Meals
877 School Shoes
3120 Food Parcels
19 Women Homed

Meet Our Team

Our organization is built with empathetic experience, friendliness and proficiency
Debbie Gray Boyes FOUNDER of Boyes Helping Hands. Understanding, emphathetically, the deep needs that people face, Debbie leads the organization with firm and caring authenticity.

Boyes Helping Hands.

14 Tijgerhof Road / Milnerton, WC 7441 / SOUTH AFRICA +27(0)71-589-8260